The Benefits of Partnering with an Emerging Brand!

They’ve studied their competition’s successes and failures and taken that knowledge into account while building their brand.

The Benefits of Partnering with an Emerging Brand!
By David Whalen in Franchise Brand

Growth as an emerging brand is often looked upon as an uphill battle in today’s crowded marketplace, but it can be a distinct advantage! Here are a few reasons why it might make sense to partner with one:

-Emerging brands strive to bring truly unique & fresh concepts to their customers
They’ve studied their competition’s successes and failures and taken that knowledge into account while building their brand. At HOTS, we’ve created a quick serve model that caters to the busy lifestyles of our downtown BinghamtonBinghamton clientele. The scene is a unique mix of college students and business people alike and HOTS caters to both without compromising our identity. Our menu focuses on the tried & trues of the “Burger & Dog” concept with some Upstate New York staples like the Spiedie and the Hot Plate. (Our take on the Rochester NY area Garbage Plate).

-Superior support and individualized attention
Smaller brands like HOTS have the unique ability to provide greater support and attention to our franchise owners than many of our large competitors can offer.
Here, you won’t be dealing with middlemen! Direct interaction and open lines of communication with our corporate office helps to forge meaningful working relationships with our franchisees at every stage of the their development. This support is critical to franchisees initial and ongoing success!
We also have more motivation to see our franchisees succeed than models that have already achieved vast growth. Your success is our success and we’re just as committed to it as you are!

-Getting in on the ground floor:
Getting involved with a brand in the early stages of development also offers franchisees several unique perks they won’t enjoy with more established brands. Here are a few;
Greater ability to influence and be involved with the evolution and growth of the brand: HOTS will be looking for franchisees to step up into leadership roles within the organization. We’ll also welcome feedback from franchisees in all areas of our business, from operations to marketing, menu design & more in hopes of instituting those innovative recommendations to improve our model!

Less rigid structure: Emerging brands offer restaurant owners much more flexibility in almost all areas of business ownership. From the structure of the franchise relationship, to menu and restaurant design, HOTS can give greater consideration to each franchisees unique circumstances. This includes greater financial freedom too. Many larger brands don’t offer their franchisees much discretion when it comes to how they operate their business and spend their money. At HOTS, we understand that owner/operators often know how to best allocate their capital and we take that into consideration when working with them to grow their business!

Bigger isn’t always better! For all of these reasons and more, consider partnering with an emerging brand like HOTS if you’re looking to enter the quick serve space!

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