Top 6 ways to Distribute your Surveys to get Quality Feedback Responses

Now the question arises, what is the right way or medium to distribute your surveys in order to get quality feedback responses. You design your survey and customize it with the help of a good Survey App, but are wondering the best way to distribute your survey?

Top 6 ways to Distribute your Surveys to get Quality Feedback Responses

By: Archit Jain
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When we talk about obtaining Customer Feedback, the first thing which comes to our mind is surveys. To get real customer insights, it is a prerequisite to survey your customers.

“Survey is a process of collecting data by asking certain questions to the group of individuals. A Customer Survey involves obtaining Customer Feedback by asking certain questions from your customers about your products, services and the overall Customer Experience with your organization.”

Gone are the days when the surveys were taken by approaching the customers physically with a pen and a paper questionnaire and then filling the survey forms. Nowadays, a popular method of obtaining Customer Feedback is to take surveys using different digital channels through a Survey App.

Now the question arises, what is the right way or medium to distribute your surveys in order to get quality feedback responses. You design your survey and customize it with the help of a good Survey App, but are wondering the best way to distribute your survey?

Well, it would not be wrong to say that the success of a survey majorly depends on the response rate of the survey. And to get a good response rate, it is necessary to send the survey the right way and through the right mediums.

Let’s list out some effective ways to distribute your surveys so that you can get a good response rate with high-quality feedback responses.

Top Ways to Distribute Your Surveys to Get Quality Feedback Responses

Email Surveys
SMS Surveys
Online Surveys
Survey post a help Article or a Blog
Surveys Embedded in Blogs
Social Media Surveys
Let us review how you can use these channels in an effective way to receive quality feedback response data with a great response rate.

1. Email Surveys

Email Survey is the most commonly used method to obtain survey data. Being a method involving establishment of direct contact with your customer, email is the first method which comes to most peoples’ mind when talking about taking surveys digitally.

The biggest advantage of this way of distributing your survey is that you can distribute your survey to a large number of people in a matter of few clicks. By using a good survey app, you can customize your survey and send through emails which further increases the effectiveness of the survey.

Email has a very good read and response rate. Email surveys not only enable you to send surveys to multiple people with ease, but also enables your customers to fill the survey and send response as per their convenience of time and place.

2. SMS Surveys

SMS Surveys are surveys administered to collect the survey data through Small Messaging Service(SMS). SMS surveys have proven to be an extremely effective and the most efficient way to capture Customer Feedback.

“SMS Surveys has the highest read rate, even more than the Email surveys.”

With the help of an effective Survey App, you can easily create your customized survey and send its link through SMS to multiple people in bulk with a survey tool. The SMS should contain a small effective message followed by a survey link which should open in a single click without taking much of the customers’ time so that the customers can easily open the link and take the survey.

3. Online Surveys

When you want to gather Customer Feedback, you must communicate this through your website. This conveys that you care about your customers and Customer Feedback matters for you. Online Surveys is an effective way of obtaining quality feedback responses of your Customer Feedback surveys.

Survey links should be provided on your website and should open easily within fraction of seconds on a single click so that the customers can easily fill the survey. You can also use pop-up links for this purpose.

4. Survey post a help article or a blog

Help articles and blogs are an important component of any website. When you post a help article or a blog, you can provide links of survey just below the article or the blog. You can also add some such content in your blogs and articles which helps to motivate the readers to take the survey.

Moreover, you can especially write short blogs and articles to motivate customers to fill the survey. In these short blogs and articles, you can tell the importance of providing Customer Feedback through surveys. You can explain the customers how taking surveys and providing feedback will help you to satisfy them in a better way.

5. Embedded in a Blog

You can also embed a survey link in your blog. For instance, you are running a health care center and you are writing an article on prevention of a certain disease and if someone catches that disease, how your health care center can cure it effectively.

In the same blog, you can embed your survey link in appropriate places. You can ask about certain health aspects in that survey and how aware the people are about the disease and its cure. You can take Patient Feedback also from the people who have been a patient in your center.

6. Social Media Surveys

Social media is a great medium nowadays, be it for promoting your organization or for gathering Customer Feedback data. Whenever you write a blog or a help article, make sure that you promote it on social media along with the survey links provided either below the article or embedded in the blog itself.

Moreover, whenever you are organizing a program or an event, it is important to promote it on social media and ask for the views and the opinions of the customers regarding that. Likewise, if you are organizing a major survey, you should use social media platforms to promote your survey.

In the promotion, concentrate on how in the survey, the customers can share their views, opinionsFree Reprint Articles, and feedback and how it will help you to serve them better. This will encourage the customers to share genuine feedback and their views about your brand.

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A New Magic Cup Franchise Is Coming To McKinney, Texas

Experienced investors with degrees in finance and biology respectively, Chi and Tam already had an impressive portfolio in the beauty industry (and two luxury spa locations to their credit) before they decided to investigate their next business venture. Self-confessed boba, tea, and coffee addicts, Chi and Tam were always drawn to the beverage industry but knew they’d need a franchisor with both the patience and the resources to steer them toward success.

By re:verb Marketers

Big news for Texas tea lovers: After a solid 5 years of hard work and dedication, Magic Cup Cafe is excited to announce that our business is expanding to a new location!

Our new cafe will soon be opening in McKinney, TX, allowing even more tea and coffee drinkers to enjoy Magic Cup’s unique and delicious beverages in-store or on the go. Our Vietnamese-American-owned company’s innovative east-meets-west menu and its friendly community atmosphere have made us a local favorite for residents of both Richardson and Houston, and soon the citizens of McKinney will have a chance to experience our refreshing take on boba, tea, and coffee firsthand.

The move from beloved mom-and-pop cafe to the full-on franchise was a labor of love for our co-founder My Lynn Nguyen, whose expertise in both boba and coffee helped build Magic Cup into a top contender in a highly competitive industry. Beyond 5 years of work, it took 14 months to put together our franchise program. My Lynn notes: “The new Magic Cup franchise opening has been, and will continue to be, a massive collaborative effort, involving lots of careful preparation and consultation with experienced franchise programmers as well as an enthusiastic commitment from Tam T Trinh and Chi Tran, Magic Cup’s newly-obtained franchisees.”

Experienced investors with degrees in finance and biology respectively, Chi and Tam already had an impressive portfolio in the beauty industry (and two luxury spa locations to their credit) before they decided to investigate their next business venture. Self-confessed boba, tea, and coffee addicts, Chi and Tam were always drawn to the beverage industry but knew they’d need a franchisor with both the patience and the resources to steer them toward success.

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Magic Cup Franchisees

Once they met with My Lynn and our Magic Cup franchise consultants, Chi and Tam knew their search for the perfect franchisor was over. “We instantly felt the strong passion they have for the brand,” Tam says, adding that Magic Cup’s vision, core values, and comprehensive training program were precisely the right fit for her and Chi.

When Chi, Tam, and their new Magic Cup family were scouting for locations, they saw massive potential in McKinney, which has seen a remarkable development in recent years. The team is currently working with real estate developers in the area to finalize the location as soon as possible.

When doors open at Chi and Tam’s Magic Cup Cafe location, they hope visitors will experience the same welcoming feeling and thirst-quenching satisfaction they’ve come to expect from our Magic Cup brand. Whatever the future brings, Chi and Tam know that My Lynn will offer them ongoing support every step of the way.

Franchise Money Maker
Franchise Growth Solutions is the Exclusive developer of Magic Cup Cafe franchises. For information on becoming a franchise partner please contact: [email protected]

The Benefits of Partnering with an Emerging Brand!

They’ve studied their competition’s successes and failures and taken that knowledge into account while building their brand.

The Benefits of Partnering with an Emerging Brand!
By David Whalen in Franchise Brand

Growth as an emerging brand is often looked upon as an uphill battle in today’s crowded marketplace, but it can be a distinct advantage! Here are a few reasons why it might make sense to partner with one:

-Emerging brands strive to bring truly unique & fresh concepts to their customers
They’ve studied their competition’s successes and failures and taken that knowledge into account while building their brand. At HOTS, we’ve created a quick serve model that caters to the busy lifestyles of our downtown BinghamtonBinghamton clientele. The scene is a unique mix of college students and business people alike and HOTS caters to both without compromising our identity. Our menu focuses on the tried & trues of the “Burger & Dog” concept with some Upstate New York staples like the Spiedie and the Hot Plate. (Our take on the Rochester NY area Garbage Plate).

-Superior support and individualized attention
Smaller brands like HOTS have the unique ability to provide greater support and attention to our franchise owners than many of our large competitors can offer.
Here, you won’t be dealing with middlemen! Direct interaction and open lines of communication with our corporate office helps to forge meaningful working relationships with our franchisees at every stage of the their development. This support is critical to franchisees initial and ongoing success!
We also have more motivation to see our franchisees succeed than models that have already achieved vast growth. Your success is our success and we’re just as committed to it as you are!

-Getting in on the ground floor:
Getting involved with a brand in the early stages of development also offers franchisees several unique perks they won’t enjoy with more established brands. Here are a few;
Greater ability to influence and be involved with the evolution and growth of the brand: HOTS will be looking for franchisees to step up into leadership roles within the organization. We’ll also welcome feedback from franchisees in all areas of our business, from operations to marketing, menu design & more in hopes of instituting those innovative recommendations to improve our model!

Less rigid structure: Emerging brands offer restaurant owners much more flexibility in almost all areas of business ownership. From the structure of the franchise relationship, to menu and restaurant design, HOTS can give greater consideration to each franchisees unique circumstances. This includes greater financial freedom too. Many larger brands don’t offer their franchisees much discretion when it comes to how they operate their business and spend their money. At HOTS, we understand that owner/operators often know how to best allocate their capital and we take that into consideration when working with them to grow their business!

Bigger isn’t always better! For all of these reasons and more, consider partnering with an emerging brand like HOTS if you’re looking to enter the quick serve space!

Learn More Here:

How Magic Cup Is Staying Resilent During Covid-19

http://[email protected]
For the foreseeable future, customers will be minimizing the number of times they are leaving home or exposing themselves to external factors.


During this time of crisis, Magic Cup is fortunate to be considered an essential business. But even as an essential business operating under local and government safety recommendations, we are continuing to adapt to the global pandemic while leaning on our previous efforts to thrive within the new normal.

Before introducing any new changes, we made sure to continually update the community we’ve built over the past five years: This includes a list of over 24,000 subscribers on our rewards program, whom we can directly text and over 18,000 followers across social media channels.

As soon as the restaurant dine-in ban was mandated, we were able to alert our communities that we would remain open for takeout and delivery. We have been continually updating them since. Updates include safety practices, new product introductions, and community work to make customers feel more connected to what we are doing to serve them at this time.

We have also begun reaching out to new audiences with local digital ads and are seeing an upward trend in new customer sign-ups to our rewards program week by week since the beginning of the dine-in ban.

For the foreseeable future, customers will be minimizing the number of times they are leaving home or exposing themselves to external factors. That’s why we introduced gallon and half-gallon sizes of milk teas and fusion teas. With our beverage gallons, an entire household can treat themselves to milk and fusion teas for half a week from just one visit.

We have seen tremendous success with the gallons, having sold 291 gallons in just one month.

READ THE ENTIRE STORY HERE http://[email protected]

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to open your own Magic Cup Cafe with the support of our Food and Beverage experts, click through the link below or email us at [email protected]

Learn More:

Balloon King’s Goals for the Balance of 2020

We have worked with numerous high profile celebrities and companies such as Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Pretty Little Thing, Eos, and so much more.

Balloon King’s Goals for 2020
Balloon King’s has done a lot of thinking on this year’s goals for the Kingdom. 2019 was a big year for Balloon Kings and we want to ensure that 2020 exceeds our past year’s achievements.

In 2019, Balloon Kings broke last year’s sales by 15%, as an all time high for our one retail store in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We have worked with numerous high profile celebrities and companies such as Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Pretty Little Thing, Eos, and so much more. Balloon Kings has introduced new innovation into our world with state of the art balloon fixtures this past year. We now can make letters out of balloons using frames, as well as Christmas tress, unicorns, and much more. This past year Balloon Kings has made the most creative balloon structures from garlands, balloon cielings, and arches. We have trained and become family with many new team members, who have exceeded our expectations of hardwork and dedication to the Balloon King’s family and mission. Balloon Kings is so proud of the things we have achieved this year.

Balloon King’s has already started working towards our goals for 2020. Balloon King’s is working hard on more website development, directing costumers to the website for placing orders and making the website more detailed for better customer service. Balloon Kings has already posted more extravagent bouquets and arrangements to the website that include 12 balloons prearranged for less hustle for our busy customers.

To expand on website development, Balloon Kings wants to interact more with our customers in 2020 via social media, educating them on the overall benefits, especially the eco-friendly benefits balloons can bring to any event. Balloon Kings wants to do more promotion of our blog, expanding our readers.

Lastly, Balloon Kings this year in 2020 wants to expand the Kingdom officially. Balloon Kings has been working hard, attending franchise shows and marketing our business as a franchise. We believe that this year will be our lucky year, and bring Balloon Kings closer to all our customers and potential customers. In 2020, Balloon Kings will continue to market harder of our franchise opportunity more than ever to allow our customers to be able to enjoy balloon happiness whereever they are. Our franchise website is constantly being updated with new information for any of your questions and our staff is ambitious to aid anyone with further questions, regarding our franchise opportunity.

Balloon Kings will make 2020 our year of greater achievements, even better than the blessings that 2019 had brought us.


ENCORE PRESS RELEASE: Gofer Ice Cream Launches Franchise Program

The successful “Gofer” brand has been serving the Fairfield County Connecticut area for over seventeen seasons, through its current five locations, and it has become a local favorite for many. The concept of Gofer Ice Cream, which was founded by Jay Ragusa and his family, is to be the “home team” of ice cream places.

After 16 years of Success, Family Owned, Gofer Ice Cream Launches Franchise Program

Connecticut based Gofer Ice Cream has launched a program to offer Gofer Ice Cream Franchises throughout Connecticut immediately. The company is set to expand beyond the State in 2020.

Jay Ragusa, Gofer Ice Cream’s Founder, said: “We’ve been preparing for this day since we launched the brand in 2003. It has always been the plan to prove and perfect the concept and then replicate it through the franchise model. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we feel we’re in a great position to help others own, operate, and prosper in their own business. Prospective franchisee partners can be confident in the Gofer Ice Cream Brand and system that we offer. The fact is that many concepts have come and gone, but we are here thriving and growing.”

The successful “Gofer” brand has been serving the Fairfield County Connecticut area for over seventeen seasons, through its current five locations, and it has become a local favorite for many. The concept of Gofer Ice Cream, which was founded by Jay Ragusa and his family, is to be the “home team” of ice cream places. In every town or city, the goal is for Gofer Ice Cream to become the center of the community, where family and friends can enjoy a high-quality frozen treat in a welcoming environment. The shops are simple, easy, and fun to operate. Also, Gofer Ice Cream Shops are built for a relatively low cost. Franchise Partners are already scooping smiles daily, and the goal is to bring this experience to more and more communities. Gofer Ice Cream offers a variety of frozen treats for the entire family. From traditional hard and soft ice cream to fat-free treats, and more recently expanding into plant-based ice cream products with the same promise of high quality for which the brand is known. In 2019 a new company, “Gofer Franchise Systems LLC,” was formed to focus on expanding via franchising the concept beyond Fairfield County.

For the past several months, in preparation for the franchise opportunity launch, the team has been working with Franchise Industry Veteran Gary Occhiogrosso of Franchise Growth Solutions. “Gary brings his experience in not only the Franchise Industry but specifically in the frozen dessert business. He has the deep knowledge and connections specifically needed at this point in our growth. With the addition of Franchise Growth Solutions to the team, we are working with the best in the business to make sure we do franchising right. An investment made by a Franchisee is, in many cases, a once and a lifetime decision, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.” commented Jay Ragusa.

Mr. Occhiogrosso has 30+ years of experience in franchise development and sales and was integral to the success of nationally recognized brands, including Ranch*1, Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille, and brands found under the multi-brand franchisor, TRUFOODS, LLC.

Occhiogrosso stated: “It’s a compelling franchise opportunity, the frozen dessert business continues to grow. People love ice cream. But more than merely the best cream, Gofer creates memories by delivering a family and community experience. With frozen treats to meet virtually every customer trend, whether Plant-Based, or Fat-Free or Soft Serve or our Premium Ice Cream , Gofer Ice Cream gives our Franchise Partners a unique competitive advantage in the Ice Cream business.”

Gofer Ice Cream provides premium hand-dipped and soft-serve ice cream, plant-based ice cream, fat-free Gofer Lite, Italian ice, smoothies, and Razzles, as well as ice cream products and novelties through five retail locations in Southern Fairfield County, Conn. Gofer opened its first store in Greenwich in 2003 and has since grown with both company and franchisee-owned shops also now open in Cos Cob, Stamford, Wilton, and Darien. The company is a multi-year award winner of “The Best of the Gold Coast,” a people’s choice award conducted through Moffly Media. Gofer Franchise Systems LLC awards franchises to operate under the Gofer Ice Cream brand.


For more information, please contact Gary Occhiogrosso at 917.991.2465 or via email at [email protected]

Acai Express – Is an Acai Bowl Franchise ideal for you?

It would help if you had in mind that, when entering the franchise world, you will spend long hours and you have to put in hard work.

Is an Acai Bowl Franchise ideal for you?
By Veronica Lopez Siverio

Going into the franchise world can be tricky. That’s why you should ask yourself a series of questions before deciding if this system fits you.

We made a list to guide you:

1. Am I willing to work with other people’s established systems?
Franchises have become popular in the business world, according to multiple marketing firms. One of the perks of owning a franchise like Acai Express is that they already have a successful and proven system. If you are someone that wants to create your strategy or policy, franchising might not be right for you.

2. “Why am I doing this?”
It would be best if you chose a business that you are passionate about and that you can see yourself involved in a long time. Do you consume acai? Are you in agreement with the processing and components of the merchandise? If the answer is “yes,” then this is the right franchise for you.

It would help if you had in mind that, when entering the franchise world, you will spend long hours and you have to put in hard work. Therefore, if you are not passionate about the business you choose, you will feel overwhelmed.

3. Do you understand the financial and legal implications of purchasing a franchise?
Every country has different laws and regulations for franchises; consequently, you must educate yourself on them. Also, having a franchise lawyer explain to you every detail of both state and federal laws is adequate, ensuring that you informed yourself before making a purchase.

Every franchise cost varies; that’s why you should acquire a financial advisor.

4. Do you have enough money?
The initial investment to start a franchise can go from thousands to millions of dollars. Although franchises like Acai Express offer a reduced risk when investing, it’s essential to keep in mind that you might need to have the extra money in case anything happens.

Questions you should ask the acai bowl franchise owners:

1. Will the franchisor Acai Express help me find a location?
You should already have an idea of where you want to locate your franchise. One of the factors that probably made you want to enter the business is the thought of how well the store would do in a specific area. At Acai Express we can help you find the best area for your trailer or store.

2. How financially stable is the franchise?
You can ask the company to show you revenue results and examples of how your business could grow year-to-year. Additionally, this is the way for you to know if the company is willing to show you a financial proof of their success.

3. How did the Acai Express franchise start?
You must know the story of how this company came to be. Typically, this way, you can see how much compromise the owner has with the product and what made him franchise it.

4. What makes me a good fit for your franchise?
This question lets you know if the franchise did their homework on you to see if you would make a good fit on their system. It’s crucial that the company you choose its selective with whom they pick to be a part of their team. You can ask them why they selected you and question them for specific traits, not general.

5. How long does it take for the franchise to be up and running once we sign?
Usually, one of the perks of going to business with a franchise like Acai Express is that you will set quickly; usually, it takes between four months to a year to open the sore.

Although the way to success may be faster than other companies, building your clientele can take more than a year, so you have to be patient and work hard.

Acai Bowl Franchise:

If you have thought about going into a franchise, asking yourself these questions can help you decide and be prepared.

As we already stated, the franchise business, like Acai Express, can be a fast road to success If you are passionate about acai fruit, organic products, or fresh meals, Acai Express might be the right fit for you.


Burger Village Menu Has Something For Everyone

We have a menu full of a wide variety of exotic, classic, and vast options that are sure to satisfy every person in your dining group cravings, and their different dietary needs.


Are you tired of trying to figure out where to eat? Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling and browsing places online to find a place that meets some of your friend’s or families’ dietary needs? Maybe you’re just in the mood for something classics like a burger and some fries, but maybe with a new twist to it? Look no further than for your next dining venture, then Burger Village.

Burger Village has multiple locations, New York, California and soon to be Canada. A staple in New York, Burger Village has been proudly serving in their multiple locations for years. Our mission has been to always serve our guests with organic all-natural, antibiotic and hormone-free products in the form of a mouthwatering burger, and delicious hand-cut fries.

We have a menu full of a wide variety of exotic, classic, and vast options that are sure to satisfy every person in your dining group cravings, and their different dietary needs. Try one of our delicious veggie burgers, or if you’re looking to broaden your food horizons might we recommend our ostrich burger?

Burger Village continues to expand, and we keep looking for ways to spread the word about how people can reap the benefits from dining on organic food. Our goal is to do so through each of our customers and our delicious burgers of course. We are always looking to expand the Burger Village family, and if you are looking to be apart of our family we ask that you check out our franchising opportunities website.

The Human Resource: Engaging the workforce in a crisis

As business leaders, it is more critical now to demonstrate strong leadership values and ethics in how you treat your employees and how you create and maintain a life-work balance. That includes the safety and protection of the workforce while building sustainable processes and practices that enable you to continue providing your products and services to your customers and clients.

The Human Resource: Engaging the workforce in a crisis


By Warren Cook -President and co-founder of SymbianceHR

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted us all in ways that may take years or a lifetime to reflect upon and understand. As businesses begin to reopen and emerge from the shutdown, our workforce — the employees we value and need to succeed — are emerging from a stay at home lockdown that can be a traumatic experience.

The myriad challenges today include returning to a new normal work environment with changes to working conditions. Those changes include moving from remote locations back to the regular physical office and dealing with the stress of civil unrest, protests or riots, on top of a Covid-19 virus that has no cure, and the risk of death. They all combine to create a traumatic situation for many of the people in our community.

As business leaders, it is more critical now to demonstrate strong leadership values and ethics in how you treat your employees and how you create and maintain a life-work balance. That includes the safety and protection of the workforce while building sustainable processes and practices that enable you to continue providing your products and services to your customers and clients.

Three important considerations as we emerge from the stay-at-home lockdown to support your strategy for success.

Employees will have genuine, valid, and realistic fears and concerns when asked to return to a physical work location. Do not demonstrate a disrespectful attitude or communication style by “ordering” people to return to the work location. Instead, develop a communication strategy and alternative working conditions that allow these concerns to be addressed and resolved collaboratively. Treat all employees fairly and collaborate with them through an interactive process to determine how to achieve a win-win situation for the employee and the business.
The employer, as always, has a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace for their employees. This means following all local, state, and federal guidelines and regulations to meet safety standards in the workplace. This includes but is not limited to social distancing, remote work when possible, disinfecting the worksite, monitoring the health of the staff, and communicating timely and honestly about positive test results in the workforce that require quarantine or migration back to remote working conditions to avoid the spread of the virus.
Establish policies to handle the new work processes and practices and provide training to all people leaders and the employees. Failure to communicate consistently, transparently, and timely with trust, respect and engagement could lead to employee relations issues that you don’t need right now on top of all the other challenges your business is facing.
Remember your obligations to keep certain matters confidential, to protect the rights of your employees, and to ensure their safety while under your management. The more effective you can be as leaders during this crisis, the more evident it will be that you become an employer of choice who treats people with dignity and respect, which leads to community approval and sustainable business success.

Wishing you all good health and safety during these challenging times.

About Warren Cook
Warren is the President and co-founder of SymbianceHR and provides strategic oversight for service delivery, business operations, and technical guidance on consulting engagements. He is a human resources subject matter expert with over 25 years of experience as a strategic human resources business partner, project manager, and people leader across private and public sectors organizations. Warren is responsible for the strategic planning of all client consulting engagements from initial needs assessment and compliance review through delivery of customized strategic solutions that meet the client’s business goals. He has a proven track record of providing executive coaching and guidance to business leaders and human resource professionals at all levels including the C-Suite of Fortune 100 companies. Warren is also the Chief Talent Officer and cofounder of SymbianceHiRe, a Symbiance company dedicated to providing direct placement talent acquisition services and temporary and contract staffing solutions to the business community. Warren holds a B.S. in Human Resource Management, an MBA in Project Management, and a M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Warren is the author of “Applicant Interview Preparation – Practical Coaching for Today.”

Investing in the COVID-19 Recession Era

Investing in the COVID-19 Recession Era
By Patrick Findaro, Co-Founder and Business Development Director of Vetted Biz

An analysis on the industries with the strongest likelihood of a rapid recovery from the recent lockdown-induced recession


The recent COVID-19 induced lockdown led to a rise in a nationwide recession of which the country is only now beginning to recover from. Nevertheless, after researching and analyzing more than 2,900 businesses at Vetted Biz, we have found a select few industries that were able to remain stable despite social distancing restrictions. Additionally, there are also other industries expected to thrive once restrictions finish being lifted and the worst of the pandemic has passed.
The criteria used for this article when evaluating these industries addressed several factors. First, it looked at how successful each industry’s businesses were in adapting to these new restrictions. Then, it studied what opportunities these industries offered for its businesses to diversify during difficult times; and also speculated on what curve model best suited each industry’s recovery process once lockdown restrictions finish being lifted. Finally, in cases where this was possible, this study also cross-referenced industries’ performance predictions with the historical data on their SBA loans, which can be found here.

Main Findings: 3 Characteristics, One Outcome

The findings from this initial research concluded that COVID-resilient industries normally contain the following three characteristics: 1. Secure payments, which refers to having recurring revenue ensured by having either periodic contracts or offering services deemed “essential”; 2. Market leverage, which concerns having a strong brand and industry performance prior to lockdown restrictions being imposed so that businesses do not have to disburse additional costs in marketing during this time; and 3. An efficient budget, which encompasses factors such as high margins, strong liquidity and overall profitability. The article below will address in-depth, industries that are deemed either “COVID-resilient” or that will likely bounce back in the short-term once local restrictions finish being lifted. It will provide pertinent examples on how each industry is adapting accordingly, and will conclude by showing how the industries selected all have the three characteristics previously deemed necessary by this article.

COVID-Resilient Industries

Ghost Kitchen Restaurants

Ghost Kitchen restaurants – which are professional food preparation and cooking facilities set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals – have not only remained open during the recent lockdown, but also saw an increase in sales throughout this period. Amongst the numerous benefits that come with investing in a Ghost Kitchen concept, two specific ones particularly created optimal conditions for them to continue to thrive during the current situation: their efficient budget, and market leverage. Because Ghost Kitchens focus solely on servicing delivery and takeout orders, not only is the kitchen’s site required by the restaurant smaller, but also, the location of the kitchen is not as important seeing the business is not as dependent on foot traffic – both of which allow for lower costs associated with real estate.
Additionally, Ghost Kitchens can be run by as little as 2 to 3 employees, a fact that given the current situation not only further reduces costs associated with payroll, but also mitigates any contamination risks which remain a predominant concern during COVID-19. In terms of this sector’s market leverage, it is important to consider recent studies showing that 31% of consumers use delivery services at least once a week, and that 59% of millennial orders every week are either for takeout or delivery.
Beyond that, a recent study on SBA Loans found that between 1991 and 2019, 61% of food and beverage franchise loans were paid-in-full – a relatively high value when compared to other industries such as fitness centers or home services. The characteristics outlined above shows that Ghost Kitchen models are a sector of the restaurant industry that should only be expected to continue to strengthen as social distancing growingly becomes a greater part of the population’s reality.


The landscaping industry, which includes installing, cleaning and maintaining any territory’s green area, is another industry that has remained stable throughout the recent lockdown restrictions. Because the landscaping industry was not shut down during the recent lockdown, it was able to keep servicing its clients and generating revenue. The fact that state and municipal laws require businesses to maintain the landscaping orderliness of the territory they are operating in, means businesses offering landscaping services are treated as a priority by its commercial clients.
Additionally, as commercial businesses open, landscaping businesses are once again able to leverage their presence and ensure they can hold existing clients while adding on new ones as well. Another important factor to consider is that most services contracts within this industry are signed on a long-term basis, meaning recurring revenues is a strong characteristic of this industry. Finally, because the services provided by this industry are at the client’s specific location, the business can be operated from a small office space and is consequently able to optimize its budget by not having to allocate a great percentage of it towards real estate costs, which normally make up a large sum of a business’ expenses.

Property Management

The Property Management industry, which offers services that manage commercial and residential properties on a large scale on behalf of homeowners, is an additional industry that has proven to be COVID-resilient. Property management businesses manage owners’ commercial or residential real estate properties on their behalf through long-term contracts. These businesses deemed essential by homeowners and their long-term contracts allow for greater stability and makes it harder for clients to go back on their service contracting decisions. This allows for a strong inflow of recurring revenue.
Additionally, property management businesses can be run from a home office and by 1 or 2 employees only. SBA studies show SBA loans disbursed to businesses within the Real Estate industry also had a relatively high paid-in-full rate of 60.1% – thus further corroborating the industry’s strength despite recent circumstances.

Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation

Finally, the bookkeeping and tax preparation industry has thrived during this most recent recession. With most of the population rushing to have tax returns filed to receive government stimulus packages, this industry has recently seen an increased demand that has allowed for its businesses to leverage their market presence.
Secure payments have also been a feature of the industry due to monthly payments and renewals from businesses in need of bookkeeping services as they adapted to recent conditions and prepared to apply for stimulus packages as well. Finally, these businesses can also be run from a home office and with as little as 2 to 3 employees. Once again, bookkeeping and tax preparation businesses have shown that with an efficient budget, secure payments and strong market leverage, an industry is able to remain afloat even throughout a COVID-induced recession.

Cleaning & Maintenance

While cleaning and maintenance services might have been suspended or diminished as lockdown restrictions were put in place, this industry is likely to see the strongest and fastest recovery curve as these same restrictions begin being lifted. ¬With one of the most important conditions for reopening being ascertained cleanliness at all times, it is likely the cleaning and maintenance industry will experience the strongest market leverage, as their services are considered the utmost priority of any business looking to reopen.
Additionally, cleaning services do not require an extensive employee count or entirely sophisticated equipment. When cross referencing this industry’s performance prediction with its historical data on SBA Loans disbursed between 1991 and 2019, the cleaning and maintenance franchise industry had the highest SBA paid-in-full rate at 67.8%, once again reiterating the industry’s strength and likelihood of recovery once lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Barber Shops & Beauty Salons

Although beauty salons and barber shops were not deemed an “essential service” during the recent lockdown and consequently had to shut down their services throughout most of the quarantine, they are likely to see a strong recovery curve as restrictions are lifted and people begin to resume their normal lives.
Grooming services especially for men, will likely peak as they return to work in need of a haircut. Additionally, women will likely seek beauty salons to address services in need such as waxing, haircut, and eyebrow design. By leveraging its market presence as people begin leaving their homes and resuming their regular self-care routines, the barber shop and beauty salon industry will likely see a strong recovery.

Children Programs

Children education and after school programs is another industry that will likely experience a strong bounce back once lockdown restrictions are lifted. Because most businesses have remained open and transitioned to online platforms, they have been able to maintain their market presence and secure a steady inflow of revenue as their help in keeping their children entertained or providing additional reinforcement to online schooling efforts became an unprecedented priority to parents also working from home.
Additionally, it is likely their market leverage will be even further elevated once families resume their daily life and parents begin to push their children towards reestablishing their regular routines. Finally, as children return to school in the Fall and parents see the education gaps left from online schooling during the spring semester, education programs in particular should experience an even greater growth rate.
Children education and after school programs have a strong leverage to secure a steady growth once restriction lockdowns are lifted, a fact that is corroborated by its relatively low SBA default loan rate, which was at only 4.2%.


As lockdown restrictions are lifted, a business’ ability to adapt and grow under current circumstances will likely become a strong factor in any investment process being pursued. By outlining some of the industries we have seen thrive during these difficult times, we hope to have clarified and mitigated any uncertainty that may have risen during your entrepreneurial pursuits amidst COVID-19. In sum, businesses and their respective industries that have been able to secure payments, optimize their budgets, and leverage their market presence should be considered the strongest candidates for investment as the country begins to recover from this COVID-induced recession.

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