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Business Owner Tip – When Dealing With Succession Planning – Removing An Irresponsible Executor.

If a loved one has recently passed away and you believe his or her executor is mismanaging the deceased’s assets in some way, you may wish to have him or her removed from the position. If you are looking to remove an executor, here are some of the questions you may have:

News From Burger Village – Franchise Goes International

Our customers love our food because they know what they’re eating is REALLY GOOD and made with REAL & CLEAN INGREDIENTS. This ultimately results in our customers enjoying food that is much more delectable, nutritious, and ecological than most other restaurants.

Franchises Need To Protect Themselves From Increased Sexual Harassment And Cyber Security Claims

Over the course of this year, stories of sexual harassment have dominated the headlines. In what USA Today dubbed the “Weinstein Effect,” various sized companies have witnessed employees take part in the #Me To movement.

Virtual Food Halls – The Next Big Thing?

Today the changing landscape in the restaurant business is not only a food driven event. It's also the experience connected with the experience, the convenience, payment method and delivery options. mash-up of digital convenience and and real life communal eating experiences that are now addressed by the Virtual Food Hall.
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Franchise Restaurants Show Modest Gains – What’s Happening On The Ground?

FRANCHISE RESTAURANT SHOW MODEST GAINS - What's happening On The Ground? McDonald’s is the sales standout, and they are in a class by themselves, providing value and upgraded quality to a population hungry for price/value. Taco Bell is also an exception, for similar reasons...
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Franchisors – Why You Should Use Mediation before Litigation

MEDIATION IS A PROCESS... that allows parties to work together, usually with the help of a trained and experienced mediator (often a lawyer but not universally), to settle a dispute before an action is filed and sometimes after.