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Organizational Tips To Keep A Small Business Pointed Towards Success

I firmly believe that the healthiest small business is the one that visits and reviews their organizational systems every six to twelve months. The small business that keeps doing the "same old, same old" is losing money. So where do you stand?

How To Start Your Own Daycare Center And Be Your Own Boss

Many people are now looking for ways to get out of today's corporate business world, and to become their own boss. One way that some have been successful is by opening up and running their own day care center. More moms than ever before now have to return to work after their baby is born.
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The New Revenue Recognition rules – What is the Impact for Franchisors

Typical separate performance obligations for a franchiser include site selection, training and equipment necessary to operate the franchise The remaining portion of the franchise fee must be deferred and amortized over the life of the franchise agreement .For nonpublic companies(most franchisers) this new rule is effective with the year ending December 31,2019.

The Sale of Jimmy John’s Is Now A Done Deal

Back in 2016, Roark Capital, the private equity firm that owns Inspire Brands, had purchased a majority stake in Jimmy John's.

PRESS RELEASE – Franchise YoungConference Debuts in Miami Nov. 4-5, 2019

The venue for the first YoungConference event – The Confidante Hotel – mirrors the same young and refreshing theme as the conference’s topics and faces. Located between hot South Beach and Miami’s hip art districts, The Confidante Hotel is a playful celebration of its retro-glam roots.

Convert Your Licensed System To A Franchised System

Although the liability potential is very real, if approached properly there are methods for mitigating licensing liability and for converting your license system to a franchise. It may take some time but it is definitely achievable. Also, an honest and direct approach with state franchise regulators will prove beneficial in the long run.