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This Week’s Top Picks – Emerging Franchise Brands

If you're considering entering the world of "Self Employment" one of the best way to reduce risk is to purchase a franchise. A franchise affords you the opportunity to join a company with a proven business model and a track record of success. It's better that "going it alone"
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Using Technology To Build Your Brand

It's essential that you develop a strong marketing strategy, which should include goals, tactics, and measurements. Having a plan can maintain you on a set course with an established style, and it can help you track your development
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Can a Company Be Great Simply By Doing Good?

When we embed corporate social responsibility initiatives into the culture of an organization, we create a culture of caring for employees and greater value and accountability to all business stakeholders.
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Franchising: The Best Investment Older Americans Can Make?

Franchising allows the silver economy to invest in themselves, and have an active hand in their own success.” Occhiogrosso adds, “Older Americans are one of the fastest growing segment of franchise buyers. The percentage of adults 50+ who are franchise owners has grown from 20 percent in 2010 to and estimated 35 percent in 2020.
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Financing a Business? – What You Need to Know About SBA Loans

WHETHER YOU'RE TAKING THE PLUNGE...and starting a small business, or you're interested in purchasing an existing one, or buying a franchise, you may benefit from utilizing an SBA loan program. Many people are often misled to believe the money from an SBA loan is essentially "free." That the funds are provided with the help of government grants and no-interest offerings; however, that is not the case.
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High-Quality Bubble Tea Concept – Magic Cup Cafe to Franchise Five New Locations

The Magic Cup team, led by owner My Lynn Nguyen, is working with industry expert Gary Occhiogrosso, founder of Franchise Growth Solutions, to expand the turnkey Magic Cup Cafe business model

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