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The Sale of Jimmy John’s Is Now A Done Deal

Back in 2016, Roark Capital, the private equity firm that owns Inspire Brands, had purchased a majority stake in Jimmy John's.

PRESS RELEASE – Franchise YoungConference Debuts in Miami Nov. 4-5, 2019

The venue for the first YoungConference event – The Confidante Hotel – mirrors the same young and refreshing theme as the conference’s topics and faces. Located between hot South Beach and Miami’s hip art districts, The Confidante Hotel is a playful celebration of its retro-glam roots.

Are Meatless Burgers All Sizzle And No Steak?

The unanswered question is: how large is the demand, at restaurants, for a product that costs more, has the same calorie count and fat content, has a lot more sodium (which creates high blood pressure), but has no cholesterol and contains useful elements such as Thiamin (which helps with nerve, muscle and heart function), B12 (helps with fatigue) and Zinc (for prostate health)?

Franchise And Independent Businesses Need These 4 Key Resources

As a small business owner, time and cost savings are precious. Make sure you know what tools your business needs to function smoothly, and choose […]

Advice for Franchisor CMOs When Dealing With Digital Marketing Vendors

The franchising community is complicated. With thousands of franchisees operating under thousands of corporate brands, breakdowns in communication are inevitable.

Fulfill Your Dream of Business Ownership – Here are 5 Tips For A Business Loan

If you’re dreaming about starting a business, or if you’re already a business owner looking to grow your business, chances are that you’ll need a loan at some point to help your vision become reality. And if you’re a veteran or active-duty servicemember, you already possess the skills and vital experience needed to make your business a success.