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Getting New Franchisees Off to a Great Start

The likelihood of a franchise owner “going rogue” when a company is transparent in its expectations lessens. Franchisees know what is expected of them. In addition, the Franchisor’s support personnel should be out in the field in front of the franchise owner, coaching, counseling and working with the franchisee to achieve optimum results, financially as well as making sure the business is providing options consistent with the franchisees lifestyle goals


Quick service restaurants were up 2.7% in April, with 4.6% check average overcoming 1.9% traffic decline. Over two years, QSR SSS fell 30bp month to month to 4.3% so not much has changed.

PRESS RELEASE – Franchise Growth Solutions Exhibits Innovative Franchise Brands.

COME OUT TO THE INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE SHOW…Franchise Growth Solutions Expands Internationally as Exhibitor and Speaker at The International Franchise Expo May 30 to June 01, […]
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Creating Sensible Employee Policies When Building Your Company

When building a company, your corporate policies will mld and shape the culture, mission of your brand. In addition, your team members performance and the aspect of becoming an "employer of choice" to attract the "best and the brightest" arte directly connected to the polices you create for your organization.
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How Do I Get The Money to Start My Own Business and How Much Money Do I Need.

Our friends at Benetrends have covered this topic perfectly. When you have a great idea for a business but not the cash to get it going. This article will offer helpful tools to get that business started and growing. financing, loans, SBA, 401K
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Franchise Marketing – Do’s & Don’ts

Stay consistent: In all your marketing materials, you want to stay consistent in the way you represent your brand. You will want to avoid making promises that you cannot fulfill once a buyer signs a contract and purchases a franchise under your name. By staying consistent in all your content, you can avoid potential legal roadblocks down the road. franchise, marketing, selling, cash ,entrepreneur entrepreneurRemove term: franchisor franchisorRemove term: #smallbusiness #smallbusinessRemove term: Business Model Business Model

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